Selectmen’s Minutes, Sept. 4, 2009




September 4, 2009


The meeting was opened at 6:45 pm.  


Selectmen present were Nelson Grindal, Bill Jagger, Victor Smith. 


Also present were Assistant Barbara Grindle, Treasurer Cindy Reilly, Animal Control Officer Robert Gross, John Gray, Melone Madix-Jackson and Kathy Flood from the Friends of Walker Pond, CEO Duane Ford.


1)                  Minutes from the previous meeting were accepted.


2)                  Animal Control Officer Gross tendered his resignation now that Debbie Ciomei will perform the duties.  The Selectmen voted to accept his resignation and voted to pay him for the months of July and August. 


3)                  The Friends of Walker Pond committee discussed their concerns about jet skis on the Pond and were told to compose and circulate a petition asking the selectmen of both Sedgwick and Brooksville to put an article on the Town Meeting warrant for each town to vote on.  The state legislature is the governing body, but the towns may be able to influence the legislature by their vote.


4)                  The Friends committee also wished to discuss the inclusion of a member of their group on the board for the public access.  Selectman Grindal explained that the present plans are for two people from each town to be the governing board, thus giving equal decision making to each town. 


5)                  CEO Ford reported that Paul Trowbridge is keeping the town up to date on the community-based wind tower project.


6)                  He also suggested that the selectmen and planning board should discuss raising the permit fees on ordinances applications to reflect today’s standards.  Since most of the committees and boards are made up of  volunteers, it might be time to start considering a stipend for them also.


7)                  Town Clerk Cindy Reilly has posted the cancellation of the Tuesday afternoon meetings.


8)                  Signed the treasurer’s warrant for $90,113.51, $75,377.17 was for the school, $3,750 for Gosline Appraisal for the Walker Pond appraisal, and $4,360.82 for steel for the snowplows. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


                                                Victor Smith,

                                                3rd Selectman