Selectmen’s Minutes, March 9, 2017



March 9, 2017

Opened the meeting and established a quorum. Selectmen present: Ben Astbury, Colby Pert, Michael Sheahan. Also present: Bob Publicover, Irene Eilers, Road Commissioner Paul Carter, Tax Collector Elizabeth Gray, Treasurer/clerk Cindy Reilly, CEO Duane Ford, Assistant Barbara Grindle.

Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to dispense with reading the minutes of the last meeting and accept them as written.

Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $9,629.16; General Assistance for $1,967.96, Fire Department for $1,211.04, Legal for $1,260.18, administration expenses $2,955.11 (includes salaries for newly elected officers and ballot clerks), town office equipment $118.99.

PUBLIC BUSINESS: A taxpayer wanted to know if there is any way the town can hurry the clean-up process of a house that is partially torn down. The property is for sale and the owner is out of the state.

OLD BUSINESS: Road Commissioner Carter checked up on road conditions. He plans to tar the Old County Road from the Granite Shop to where the tarring left off last year.   He is also checking with DOT on widening the Rope Ferry intersection. This is a town road intersecting to a state road.

Public Hearing on the Benjamin River Bridge: Approximately 17 attended representing both towns and the DOT. This is a $1.5 million project scheduled for the fall of 2018. The fire chiefs from Sedgwick and Brooklin will meet to discuss emergency traffic travel. DOT would like to close the bridge for 30 days so that it can be finished quickly and not tie up the road for a long period of time. There will be another public meeting in June 2017.

NEW BUSINESS: Ben Astbury was voted in as chairman of the selectboard and Michael Sheahan was welcomed as the new first selectman.

The special meeting for the school validation will be held April 28. It will be posted twice in the newspapers. Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to hold the public hearing for the Salt Pond access on April 6. Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to hold the special town meeting for the school validation and the Salt Pond Access, and put the charter commission vote on hold until more information can be acquired. Also need to add more money for the snow contract since the amount in the annual report was wrong.

Discussed ways to get the word around about special town meetings and public hearings. Perhaps a public email mailing? Would need to get email addresses from people interested.

HOUSEKEEPING: Received a list of repairs needed at the town house before the next meeting. Office driveway needs smoothing out; can we add a calendar and a photo page to the new website?   Tax Collector needs an IP address so she can work at home. Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to set her up with the new address if there isn’t one from the previous tax collector. Clerk still needs a scanner, working with S.J. Rollins to get it. Decided to table a new router for the office that would take care of guest access until more information is available. It would work like a wireless receiver. Asked assistant to do minutes, difficult for selectmen to tend to business and write minutes also.

CEO REPORT: Inspected a cutting with the forester and cutter, will follow up. Questions about the old mobile home park’s well and septic, possible business interested should have a commitment before coming to the Planning Board. Reach Road rental having septic problems, may not be a legal system. Checking into the plans.

ADJOURN: There being no further business, it was moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to adjourn at 6:55 p.m.

Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen