Selectmen’s Minutes, March 26, 2015



March 26, 2015


            Opened the meeting and established a quorum present.  Selectmen present:  Neil Davis, Nelson Grindal, Ben Astbury.  Also present:  Harbor Committee Secretary/Health Officer Dennis DeSilvey, CEO Duane Ford, Road Commissioner Paul Carter, Robert Jones, Assistant Barbara Grindle.


            Read and voted to approve the minutes from last week.


            Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $29,383.09.  Paid Hancock County RCC $592.02, General Assistance $360, snow contractors Webb Excavating $13,230 and Paul Carter $10,000, Fire Department expenses $1,068.79 and snow shoveling $190.


            OLD BUSINESS:  DeSilvey mentioned that the Harbor Committee  needed several new members, and that they would like to see the committee raised to 5 with one alternate.  He also reviewed the town dock grant that has been approved, but may not come until next year.  We may need engineering plans before then.

            The Selectmen will be at the office on Wednesday, April 1 for reviewing any changes brought by taxpayers, to confer with the assessing agent, and to make committee appointments.

            Road Commissioner would like to have a salt/sand shed for next year; several types and sizes of buildings were discussed.  He will check for paving quotes for the summer tarring.  Discussed the opening (or not) of a local gravel pit.

            Copies of the Risk Pool insurance were given to the selectmen for review.


            NEW BUSINESS:  Assessing agent will be here on April 1.

            The Public Access Committee will meet on Monday, April 13 at 4 pm at the town office to review spring work with the selectmen and to see what needs to be done about opening any accesses.

            Astbury will contact S.J. Rollins; assistant has no internet or access to inter-office programs.

There are a few changes to be made to the selectmen’s computers also.


CEO REPORT:  Ford has attended the Harbormaster classes at Castine this week. 

There will be a training session for the Planning Board on Monday the 30th.


PUBLIC COMMENTS:  There were no public comments.


ADJOURN:      There being no further business, the motion was made, seconded and voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 pm.


                                    Ben Astbury, Selectman