Selectmen’s Minutes, Mar. 18, 2010



March 18, 2010


Selectmen present:  Nelson Grindal, Colby Pert, Victor Smith


Also present:  Roger Picard, Road Commissioner Paul Carter, CEO Duane Ford, Treasurer Cindy Reilly, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Paul Trowbridge.


1)                  Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.


2)                  Signed the Treasurer’s warrant for  $74,055.86; $ 60,204.28 for the school, $4,287 for roads, and $8,000 for snow.


3)                  Mr Picard presented the town road 10-year proposal.  At present it will average $112,000 per year.  The road commissioner is going to present a report on what his costs will be for ditching and culverts, etc.  They discussed tarring portions of the Old County Road as it seems to be one of the worst roads in town.


4)                  Received the permit from DOT for the Walker Pond culverts and driveway.


5)                  CEO discussed the gas storage permit given Robert Gray.  He has installed two 30,000 gal. tanks, instead of the one 8,000 gal. and one 30,000 gal. tank without returning to the Planning Board.


6)                  The selectmen voted to call the town attorney and instruct him to make no deals on the Patten/Four Winds project.  They need to bring the matter to the selectmen’s meeting where any decisions will be done in a legal selectmen’s meeting.      


7)                  There have been complaints about the work being done on the Pressman property.


8)                  Discussion on changing permit fees.  This must be done by the Planning Board.


9)                  Also discussed changing fees regarding new buildings from a straight fee to a per cent per square foot fee.  This also must be done by the Planning Board.


10)              Paul Trowbridge was in to discuss the Energy Maine grant.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


                                                Victor Smith, 3rd selectman