Selectmen’s Minutes, Jun. 18, 2009



Thursday, June 18


Selectmen present:  Nelson Grindal, Bill Jagger


Also present:  Bette Britt from the Packet and Barbara Grindle, Assistant


1)                  Approved minutes of the last meeting


2)                  Nelson has received paperwork from FEMA.  All road work requests have to be itemized.  Bill will ask The road Commissioner to fill out the papers when he presents his bill for work done.


3)                  The press release for the Fire Chief’s grant was sent to the Packet.


4)                  We are committed to 150 tons of salt on this bid.  If another bid comes up, we can increase our tonnage.


5)                  The Pine Grove Cemetery road has been repaired by the Road Commissioner.  The Association thanks him.


6)                   The Transfer Station meeting has been cancelled for this month.


7)                  Signed Treasurer’s Warrant for $11,185.56.


Adjourned at 8 pm.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen