Selectmen’s Minutes Feb. 6, 2007

Town of Sedgwick Maine

Selectmen’s Meeting

February 6, 2007   Tuesday3:30PM 

Selectmen present:  Nelson Grindal (Chairman), Charlie Wiggins and Tom O'Connor. Other participants: Hancock County Commissioner Joe Brown and Assistant Barbara Grindle. 

  1. Approved the minutes of the February 1, 2007 selectmen’s meeting.


  1. Commissioner Brown presented selectmen with an overview of the 07/08 county budget.  Sedgwick’s share of the budget has gone down this year due to the current funding formula and the fact that the county budget only increased .05% this year.  He also discussed pending legislation LD174 which would require that 30% of transfer fees collected by the county, be returned to the county government.  Currently all fees on real estate transfers go to the state.  If this legislation were to pass it would further reduce the town tax burden.


  1. Selectmen approved the final draft of the warrant articles for the upcoming town meeting.

 The meeting was adjourned at 5:40PM 

Respectfully submitted,  

Tom O'Connor, Selectman