Selectmen’s Minutes, Aug. 13, 2009



August 13, 2009


Selectmen present: Nelson Grindal, Bill Jagger, Victor Smith

  Also present: Assistant Barbara Grindle, Treasurer Cindy  Reilly, Packet reporter Bette Britt, Dr. George Wilgram  

1)                  Approved the minutes of the last meeting.


2)                  Dr. Wilgram brought the selectmen up-to-date on the annual meeting of the Friends of Walker Pond and some of the items they would like to have implemented on the town’s access.  Milfoil is still a topic of much discussion.


3)                  Cindy has another batch of kittens to find shelter for.  We will donate $50 to the Knox County shelter to take them.  This is more than a dozen kittens that have been abandoned or born wild just this year and is getting very expensive.   PLEASE neuter and/or spay your pets. 


4)                  A resident was in to receive his concealed gum permit. 


5)                  The Hancock ‘County Commissioners wish to use the Town House for a meeting to elect a budget committee member.  Selectman Grindal is on the present committee and is running for another term.


6)                  Reports of a dog running loose on the Ridge Road  will be looked into by the Selectmen.  Voted to appoint Debbie Ciomei to be Animal Control Officer since the current Animal Control Officer is not available very often.  She will be in to discuss terms and training.


7)                  The Sedgwick selectmen will meet with the Brooksville selectmen on Wed. morning, Aug. 19 regarding the issue of the Friends of Walker Pond letter claiming that the Brooksville selectmen unanimously agreed to requests made by the Friends of Walker Pond. 


8)                  Bill talked to a resident about a property line problem.   He reported that he  was pleased with the outcome.


Adjourned at 8:15 pm.


                                                Victor Smith,

                                                3rd Selectman