Selectmen’s Minutes, April 30, 2015



April 30, 2015 

            Opened the meeting and established a quorum present.  Selectmen present:  Neil Davis, Nelson Grindal, Ben Astbury.  Also present:  CEO Duane Ford, Clare Grindal, Paul Carter, Fred Marston, John Higgins, Robert Jones, Assistant Barbara Grindle.

            Read and approved the minutes of the last meeting. 

            Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $117,606.01.  Education costs were $108,268.70, road work for $4,483, and general assistant for $1,550.


            PUBLIC BUSINESS:  Higgins was in to talk about documenting and possibly restoring alewives to the Bagaduce River.  Selectmen signed a letter of support and join the towns of Brooksville and Penobscot in their efforts to rebuild the alewive runs.

            Marston discussed the work to be done on the Mill Pond to make it an access for the fire department, the public and for stocking fish.  Grindal will work with him on the fine points of opening the pond to the public.


            OLD BUSINESS: Signed General Assistance appendices approved last week at the public hearing.  Also signed a quitclaim deed for a taxpayer.

            Requested town clerk to contact MMA for clarification of wording for school warrant article from last March’s town meeting that raised the budgeted amount by $20,000.  Motion made, seconded and voted 3-0 for an explanation.  Articles may need to be rephrased to avoid the situation in another year.

            Discussed insurance issues at Walker Pond, getting prices on the buildings and listing the assets for insurance purposes.

Astbury provided an update on discussions with Jim Fisher regarding writing the next step for the town dock grant.  

Davis has set up a meeting with Arthur Billings, John James, the selectmen, CEO and the road commissioner to go over the old dump site.

School Board Chair Clare Grindal reported to the selectmen about the school/superintendent issues regarding the school subsidy.  Explained the letter regarding special education monies.  We didn’t have the large-expensed children last year that we had the previous year, therefore we didn’t need to spend as much money for special education.  The amount of money coming from the state will be determined by the legislature this spring.


CEO REPORT:  Caterpillar Hill Initiative is putting together material for the Planning Board meeting.  They have a problem with parking because they can’t back out of their parking area into the roadway.

The state is beginning to loosen their rules for vernal pools.


            ADJOURN:  Moved, seconded and voted to adjourn at 8:11 pm. 


Entered executive session to discuss a personnel issue at 8:15 pm; came out of executive session at 8:23 pm.  The issue was settled between the persons involved and the complaint lodged with the selectmen was settled to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.  No further action was taken.


                                    Ben Astbury, Selectman