Selectmen’s Meeting, September 1, 2022



September 1, 2022


Opened the meeting and established a quorum present.  Selectmen present:  Ben Astbury, Colby Pert, Michael Sheahan.  Also present:  Clerk/treasurer Cindy Reilly, CEO Duane Ford, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Daryl Astbury, Skip Greenlaw (by phone- Jeffrey Roth, Joss Brounhut, Marcie Myers, Town of Stonington, Jerry Wetterskog, Patricia Oliver).


There being no errors or omissions in the records of the last meeting, moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to approve them as written.


Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $224,135.64: plumbing $265; administration $7,733.36; fees $1,033; sludge $60; transfer station $33,565; county tax $109,184.90; fire protection $666.67; education $70,514.39; animal control $250.


CEO REPORT: Contractor called about meeting his client next week to discuss new construction plans; a real estate agent had questions regarding the finishing of a building that is now a pending sale; visited a site on Black’s Pond as a result of a survey and engineer plans, it will need a DEP site visit; visited a site to review anew shed and a request for steps to the shore, will get them a permit form; processing an application for a new home on Walker Pond that is in the shoreland zone; reviewed two septic systems, answered questions from an appraiser and met a resident regarding a new garage also checked a new driveway with an abutter on Pertville Road.


DISCUSSION ITEMS:  1)  Special Town Meeting Articles – reviewed wording for the articles to be voted on at the special town meeting September 15, 7 p.m. at the town office.

2)  Plowing Contract – Read through and reviewed the new snow contract with contractor Daryl Astbury of Daryl Astbury Construction.  Motion made with second and voted 3-0 to approve the general configuration of the new snow removal contract approved by the town attorney.  Noted previous vote at August 11 meeting for award of snow removal contract (2-0 Sheahan/Pert; Astbury abstained) to Daryl Astbury Construction pending attorney approval and review.  Snow Removal contract with Daryl Construction was then ratified (Sheahan/Pert; Astbury witnessed only in maintenance of abstention).

3)  Island Nursing Home Representatives – Greenlaw brought the selectboard up-to-date on the situation at the Nursing Home and received some suggestions to be considered when the INH Board meets again. Would like volunteers to help on a task force for housing especially.

4)  Unresolved Business – a)  Received an estimate of $4,475 from Jon Woodward Construction for work to be done at the Town Office.   Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to approve the estimate.  b)  Meeting at Brooklin on September 22; suggestion for housing (also suggested for INH) is to use double-wide mobile homes for homes, could partner with Downeast Community Partners?


ACTION ITEMS:  Signed the Snowplow Contract with Daryl Astbury Construction.



ADJOURN:  There being no further business, moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to adjourn the meeting at 7:31 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Grindle, Assistant