Selectmen’s Meeting, July 5, 2018

July 5, 2018

Opened the meeting and established a quorum present. Selectmen present: Ben Astbury, Bob Publicover, Michael Sheahan. Also present: Colby Pert, CEO Duane Ford, Clerk/treasurer Cindy Reilly, Assistant Barbara Grindle.

There being no errors or omissions in the records of the last meeting, moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to approve them as written.

Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $42,724.49; administration and salaries $15,406.34, fire department expense and salary $971.67, Sedgwick-Brooksville Landing (Walker Pond) $20,000, roads $322, town dock $134.96, RCC quarterly payment $663.78, sludge $660, town office sign $274.25, clearing –Hunting/Fishing $25, An. Control $35, Inland Fishing $1,527.85, motor vehicles $1,915.75, fees $303, excise taxes to Brooklin $381.10.

NEW BUSINESS: Reminder of the car show on July 7 at 8 a.m. at the Blue Hill Fairgrounds.
Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to authorize treasurer to sign payroll checks before warrant is signed if necessary.

OLD BUSINESS: MMA suggest it would be prudent to exercise caution in the Gray property discussion in relation to an heirship relationship. Selectmen will discuss the property disposition on July 19 when Sheahan will be back from vacation.
The Walker Pond dock and gangway is in place. Selectmen will schedule time to plant the 6×6 timber. The large rock has been removed.
The Salt Pond Access road has been fixed. Astbury will call BHHT to find out when they are going to mow the field; maybe we can coordinate to have ours mowed at the same time. Will order a porta potty and mark the place for installation. Remove it on the first part of October.
Pert has installed the sign at the Town Dock, and is working on the one for the Town Office.
Will discuss the Hazardous waste/Universal waste scheduled for August 25 later. Will involve a deposit from the town, a volunteer to attend, and sign up for residents wishing to dispose of waste.

CEO REPORT: Wishes to have building notifications made out, copied and placed in his box, followed up by an email to him to let him know it is there.

ADJOURN: There being no further business, moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to adjourn the meeting at 6:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Grindle, Assistant