Selectmen’s Meeting, July 20, 2023

July 20.2023

Opened the meeting and established a quorum present. Selectmen present: Susan Ford, Colby Pert. Also present: CEO Duane Ford, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Greg Phillips, (by phone Jerry Wetterskog, Robin Colburn).

Read and approved the minutes of the last meeting

Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $99,645.67: edication$87,222.84; clearing:M/v $2123; clearing:vital records $67.20; comp. plan $1,263; transfer station $91. town office repair $500;
town dock $150; fire protection:$5,514.93.

CEO REPORT: 1) will write a letter of clarification regarding a dilapidated shed on Black’s Pond that is only 65 feet from the shore; 2) checked out a new septic system permit on Bagaduce Lane, owner has the paperwork and will begin work soon; 3) keeping an eye on the remodeling and plumbing of a property on Walker Pond; 4) also checked septic work on a Frank’s Flat property and everything is ok; 5) will respond to questions from a person having a new home shipped from Washington state to property on Byard’s Cove; 6) will do a letter for insurance purposes for the T Mobile permits on the cell tower on the Ridge.

DISCUSSION and/or ACTION ITEMS: 1) Comp. Plan P.R. – Read the emailed copy of a press release, recommended removing one sentence and approved the draft for giving to newspapers.
Bank Signatory Status – All taken care of.

UNRESOLVED BUSINESS: a) Andrew McCullough will look at and perhaps fix the vault wall when he is in the area. The nearest businesses to do the work are in Portland and are booked up.
b) The office will be closed on July 26 for Bureau of Motor Vehicle training.
c) The sale of two town-owned properties are in the newspaper this week. Closing date for bids is August 3. Some buildings/campers need to be removed by their owners as soon as possible from one of them. (Map 5, Lot 51).

ASSISTANT’S REPORT: Just back from vacation and catching up.


ADJOURN: There being no further business moved, seconded and voted to adjourn the meeting at 6:26 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Grindle, Assistant