Selectmen’s Meeting January 12, 2023

Select Board Meeting 1/19/2023

Members present: Michael Sheahan, Ben Astbury, Colby Pert
Also present: Duane Ford, Susan Ford, Donna Beninati

Called the meeting to order at 6pm.

CEO Report:
Waiting on DEP to provide information on a number of cases.


1) Audit Preparation Progress: Ben’s spoke with auditor about finishing the audit in time for its inclusion in the town report. It’s going to be close. Select board will re-evaluate timing and options on 2/2. Sheahan will call printer to get timeline for submission and printing.
2) Community Resilience Grant: Sheahan met with representative from MAC Heat Pumps and Fire Chief David Carter to assess use of heat pumps at town office and both fire stations. MAC will submit proposals next week. Sheahan has scheduled meeting insulation contractor at town office to look at insulation for basement. Donna Beninati had question about the addition of funds to support post-grant reporting. Sheahan will follow up with Allen Kratz to determine need for this.
3) Warrant Article Workshop: Discussion about the impact of property tax stabilization program for senior citizens. Ben will discuss with the assessor’s agent the potential impact on tax revenue. Meeting with budget committee next week.
4) Select Board Report for Annual Report: Looks good with minor changes.
5) GSA Tuition Referendum: Sheahan contacted the superintendent’s office to discuss the estimated number of Sedgwick students expected to attend GSA next year. Last year’s estimate was 45 students. Estimate for 2023/24 is 38. Provided clerk with number to be inserted into this year’s referendum question ($64,600) Susan Ford and Ben Astbury discussed the need to keep track of the number of Sedgwick students in attendance at GSA during the course of the school year and the merits of paying tuition to GSA on a quarterly basis.
6) Unresolved Business

Adjourned at 7:20