Selectmen’s Meeting, August 28, 2014



August 28, 2014


Opened the meeting and declared a quorum present.  Selectmen present:  Neil Davis, Nelson Grindal, Victor Smith.  Also present:  CEO Duane Ford, Treasurer Cindy Reilly, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Robert Jones, Christine and John dePretoro.


Read and approved the minutes of the last meeting.


Signed the treasurer’s warrant for $3,238.78; paid Emera bills for the fire department, town house, town office, streetlights totaling $402, paid $500 for removal and relocation of the beavers from Black’s Pond outlet.


            Treasurer & Tax Collector:  Signed abatements, and approved supply orders for the office.

Received a certified letter from a taxpayer about property, and discussed committee memberships.

Clerk’s computer back, new scanner to be ordered soon, was approved previously.  Linda Long dropped off some iris roots for the town office garden.  Assistant will thank her and clerk will take care of them.


PUBLIC BUSINESS:   The dePretoro’s discussed her appointment to the Public Access Committee, and the selectmen asked her to keep the Carter Point Access mowed.  Each public access should have a volunteer caretaker.   She has written authority to care for that access.


            NEW BUSINESS:  The selectmen will draft a response to a letter received from Mr. McCarthy’s lawyer.  Copies of the letter will be sent to Mr. McCarthy, his lawyer and the town’s lawyer.

            Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to enter into executive session to discuss a personnel issue.  Assistant was asked to remain.

Returned from executive session to vote on the resignation of the Tax Collector.  Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to accept her resignation, effective on September 15, contingent upon an accurate accounting of the taxes collected and the taxes outstanding, and upon the appointment of a qualified tax collector.  The reconciliation of the books and the transfer of the commitment must be accepted by the new tax collector.


            CEO REPORT:  The new floodplain maps are here.  Many towns are upset because of the changes;  we may not have many problems.  The issue is still in the public comment period.


            PUBLIC COMMENTS:   Jones helped take care of the beaver problem at Black’s Pond.  The dams were blasted after the beaver were removed.


            ADJOURN:  There being no further business, it was moved, seconded and voted 3-0 to adjourn at 7:55 pm.


                                                Victor Smith, Selectman