Sargentville Library Association

Sargentville Library Association
PO Box 233, Sedgwick, Maine 04676
653 Reach Road
Sargentville, ME 04673

Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Librarian: Kay Grover

WiFi hotspot, 24/7

Despite our “old age” the Sargentville Library Association (founded in 1874, building completed in 1905) we are brimming over with new ideas and expanded holdings. Several years ago we started offering 24/7 WiFi and have recently greatly expanded our collections for young people. We have now designated many shelves for young adult books. For younger folks, we have new picture books for four- and five-year- olds and a wide collection of board books for one to three year olds. With generous donations, we have been able to expand our new fiction and create a diverse number of cookbooks covering a wide variety of cooking styles.

An extraordinary effort has gone into the creation of a digital archive of Sedgwick historical materials and old photos. The archive can be viewed at

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