Public Hearing, March 22, 2016

Public Hearing on Darryl Brown’s Building Permit Application

22 March 2016


Members present:  Robert Jones, David Carter, Victor Smith, Peter Neill, Mike Rossney, Patricia Egan, Peter Atherton, CEO Duane Ford, Darryl Brown and supporters, Nelson Grindal, Colby Pert, and others.


Chairman Robert Jones noted that there was a quorum and opened the hearing with some remarks about the site visit held earlier in the day at 12 pm.  Everyone was very pleased with the vastly improved site due to Mr. Brown’s efforts at removing the huge amount of debris there.  This was accomplished with the help of Andy Gray and his trips to Bangor to deposit the old cars, trailers, etc.


Robert asked Darryl Brown to describe his project for the board and the large group of townspeople who came to the hearing.  Darryl said he aimed to have a restaurant/pub capable of seating about 50 people at a time where simple meals (pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, salad) could be served.  His idea was that it could be the kind of community gathering place that we don‘t really have at this time.


The building itself would be 26 by 60 feet and angled slightly toward the southwest.  No plans exist to take out more trees and, in answer to a question about landscaping between parking spaces and the road, Mr. Brown responded that there would be no problem in planting trees and bushes in those spaces as the Ordinance requires.


Other questions had to do with his intentions to serve wine, beer and spirits and whether there would be music or dancing.  All permits from the DOT for the driveway and parking places, septic, etc. and the serving of alcohol have been obtained.  Further permitting would be required if entertainment were added and Mr. Brown has said they may wish to add guitar or piano playing on Friday and Saturday nights later.  Mr. Brown answered a question about the handling of anyone who became unruly due to excess drink when he said that the purpose of having bartenders educated was to prevent such occurrences.  He stressed that he wasn’t aiming to create a place where one just went to drink, but rather a social center where people could enjoy the company of others with a meal and something to drink.  The restaurant would be open year-round from noon to ten pm.  Someone asked how many jobs there would be.  Mr. Brown said “eight to ten.”


The Planning Board read the detailed statement describing the project and scrutinized the site plans and other documentations.  Duane Ford, the code enforcement officer said that all ordinance requirements had been met.  As our review of the site had been very positive and all the necessary documents had been produced, Dave Carter made the motion to accept the application as complete and approve the permit.  Victor Smith suggested that, in order to avoid any later questions, perhaps Mike, being a restaurant owner himself, should recuse himself.  Mike agreed.  The motion to approve was voted on and passed unanimously. There was a motion to adjourn and the meeting ended.


Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Colling Egan