Planning Board, Tues., September 9, 2008

The Sedgwick Planning Board met at the Town Office on Tuesday, September 9, 2008.

Present were Chairman Palmer Little, Secretary Sylvia Wardwell, members Victor Smith, David Webb, John Allen, and alternate Jim Wood.  Also present were Richard Duffy, Steve, Rebecca and Charity McFarland, Sidney Peck, Claudia Smith, Pam Johnson, CEO Duane Ford and Assistant to the Selectmen Barbara Grindle.

            The meeting was called to order at 7 pm.  Chairman Little distributed a letter from the Appeals Board listing dates of meetings.  The first meeting will be held at the Town Office at 6:30 September 16.  All meetings are open to the public.

            Map 13, Lots 6, 8-3, 11.  Richard Duffy presented his preliminary application for Eggemoggin Heights subdivision.  All but one of the adjacent landowners have been notified, that one was present and was given the letter of notification.  CES, the engineering company, is to stake the corners of the lots this coming week.  The Planning Board will be notified when the stakes are set and then will do a site visit.  The application was accepted for review and the fee of $2650 was paid by Mr. Duffy.

Mr Little then asked if there were any comments from  those present, all of whom were interested parties.  Ms Johnson submitted a letter listing some of her concerns, Ms Peck voiced a few of her concerns and the McFarlands wished to see the maps and layout of the subdivision.  The public hearing will be posted two weeks before the meeting.  Mr Duffy commented that it was a help to hear some of the concerns now so that they could be addressed while still in the planning stages.

            Map 2, Lot 2,3 – Dan and Cathy Larson.  There has been no activity on their permit that was issued a year ago.  The permits are only good for 1 year from signing, after that time they need to be renewed by the Planning Board.  Since the permit was issued in July, but they had to wait for the DEP permit, they will have until September 24 to work on the site.

            CEO Ford mentioned to the Board that the Wellhead Protection Law was due to go into effect on October 1.

            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55.

                                    Barbara Grindle,

                                    Assistant to the Selectmen