Planning Board, Tues., May 13, 2008

The Sedgwick Planning Board met on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at the Sedgwick Town Office.  Present were Chairman Palmer Little, Secretary Sylvia Wardwell, David Webb, Victor Smith, and alternate James Wood.  Also present were CEO Duane Ford, Selectmen Nelson Grindal, and Tom O’Connor, Cliff Goodale, Robert Cote, Bruce Mattson, Phil Urban, Jan & David Anderson, Jon Thomas from the Weekly Packet and Selectmen’s Assistant Barbara Grindle. 

            The meeting was opened at 7 pm by Chairman Palmer Little.

Map 13, Lots 6, 8-3, part of 11.  Richard Duffy was in to present a heads up for a 14 lot subdivision.  He was given a rules booklet and application.

Map 11, Lot 28.  Colleen Spangler wishes to enlarge and replace a portion of a deck on her home.  Plans given to CEO for inspection.

Map 5, Lot 101.  The Planning Board signed off on the Linwood and Betty Roy driveway.  They have been given a permit by rule for the stream protection area by the DEP.

The meeting was opened for a public hearing on the Patten/Camp 4 Winds application, Map 2, Lot 4.

David Anderson spoke in favor of the application as long as the land and the pond are handled correctly.  Mr Goodale, lawyer for the Pattens, explained renovation of the buildings, repairs allowed on non conforming buildings and expansions of 30%.  Mr Mattson explained the septic system.  The pumping station will be from 25 ft to 50-60 ft back, depending upon the renovations of the bunkhouses.  Chairman asked the board members their opinions of the buildings. David Webb has abstained from the project. The board members, after the visit on May 3, agreed that the buildings are in very poor shape, ranging from primitive facilities to rotten wood.

The Pattens could repair the bunkhouses, add two bedrooms, but not add a kitchen, windows, or heating system without changing their status.  There is adequate room for them to be moved back and rebuilt.  The Director’s Cabin is hidden in the woods.  It is total disrepair, if 30% added it would still be unsafe.  The board felt it should be demolished, removed or boarded up as soon as possible for safety reasons.

Mr Goodall commented that the buildings are non conforming in a limited residential district, if renovated they could become conforming.  He agreed that the Directors Cabin has problems.  Twister and Squall are existing structures, the substantial improvements are addressed in the floodplain ordinance.  The boat  shed may have electricity, no conveniences and is a shed.    They would add a ramp and add the 30% enlargement for storing boats and gear. 

It was hoped by all that the Patten family, who have done much for conservation in Tennessee and have been involved in conservation around Walker Pond, would continue their care and involvement on their property at Camp 4 Winds.

The next meeting of the Planning Board will be June 10, at which time the board plans to vote on this project.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

                                    Barbara Grindle,

                                   Assistant to the Selectmen

                                   Town of Sedgwick