Planning Board Minutes, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by the chairman.
  Present were:  Chairman John Allen, Secretary Sylvia Wardwell, Michael Rossney, Peter Neill, Alternate Peter Atherton.   Also present were CEO Duane Ford, Richard Duffy, Selectmen Victor Smith and Neil Davis, and Selectmen’s Assistant Barbara Grindle.

Richard Duffy returned with the survey maps to remove the subdivision Eggemoggin Heights, Map 13, lots 6B 1-12, from subdivision status.  Lot 13 has been sold. A motion was made and seconded to reclassify the property into a single lot with the understanding that if an application to reclassify it back into a subdivision is made within 5 (five) years, the (subdivision classification) back taxes must be paid.  The two survey maps, one copy for the registry and one copy for the town records, were signed by the planning board members.

CEO reported that he had been given two different answers when asking about the procedure for removing property from subdivision status.  He felt that the more complicated process of coming to the Planning Board for approval was the better way of avoiding possible complications in the future.
He presented the Board with a shoreland zoning news handout.  The state is working on an updated shoreland ordinance which can be tweaked by the town to be more stringent than the state one.
There was discussion about the permitting process for the Premium Choice transceiver on the cell tower.  The Wireless Ordinance language is to be review by the town lawyer to clarify if they need a permit.  The original permit noted that the town was to be notified if any new attachments were to be put on the tower.  The CEO will be asked to have representatives to come in for a pre-application conference, which is required in the Ordinance.

Last month’s minutes were read by the secretary.  Discussion about each member of the Board getting a copy of the minutes, or to have them read each meeting.  Selectmen’s assistant to have a copy of the approved minutes for each member of the board next month.  Minutes of each meeting are approved by the chairman before being posted on the website and put in the Minutes Book.  These minutes are available to the public whenever the office is open for business.  She will also be asked to do an agenda for each meeting.    

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.
Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen