Planning Board Minutes, May 18, 2018

8 May 2018

Planning Board Minutes

Called to order: 19:00

Acting Chairman Rossney stated that there was a quorum.

Members present: Acting Chairman Michael Rossney, Richard Doane, Peter Neill, David Carter, Peter Atherton, Alternates: Andy Bowes, Danny Weed

Others present: Selectmen Liason Publicover, CEO Ford, Hayden Torrey, Sam Torrey

Motion made and seconded to accept previous minutes as read. Motion passed.

Old Business: Strong Brewing Company permit payment received.

Hayden Torrey presented additional information from DEP and Bureau of Motor vehicles.
Motion made and seconded to not require public hearing. Motion passed.
Made made and seconded to grant permit contingent on receipt of the following items:
Copy of insurance.
Letter of project description.
Letter from Fire Chief
Start and Completion dates.
Motion passed.

CEO Report: Emera Power Pole permit request for Wardwell Oil/No Frills on Mines Road raised red flag with CEO. Motion made and seconded to have CEO send letter to Wardwell Oil/No Frills indicating that they needed to come for Site Plan Review if planning to build commercial building.
Motion passed.

CEO Ford stated that there were several other possible projects in the works.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn, Motion passed. Adjourned at 20:00