Planning Board Minutes, February 9, 2016

9 February 2016

Planning Board Minutes


Members present:  Robert Jones, Peter Neill, Mike Rossney, Peter Atherton, Patricia Egan.


The minutes for January were approved.  Robert Jones noted that we had a quorum and asked if there were any old business.


Old Business:  After looking into the insurance provisions for Planning Board members, we were assured that there was a $400,000 policy indemnifying board members.  Peter Neill led the discussion of the extent of that coverage.  Peter Atherton investigated information about available upcoming workshops for the education of planning board members.  The one on March 31st at the Black Bear Inn in Orono appealed to several members.  We will firm up attendance at the next meeting.


New Business:  Nelson Grindal said Darryl Brown would be attending the meeting and that he felt there were a number of items in the Site Plan Ordinance that did not apply to him. Members of the board agreed that he should provide the required information and show us which parts of the Ordinance he thought did not apply to him.   He did not appear.


Duane Ford wanted to give the board advance notice of the pending purchase of a property on Carter Point Road with two houses.  The plans for this property would potentially impact the Shoreline Zoning Ordinance and everyone acknowledged that the new state guidelines would be in effect since the Town had agreed to abide by them in advance.

Since there was much more negotiating and discussion to come before the potential owners committed themselves to the purchase, the board concluded that to go into further detail would be premature.


The meeting was adjourned until Tuesday, March 8th.


Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Colling Egan