Planning Board Minutes, August 11, 2015



August 11, 2015


The meeting was opened by Chairman John Allen at 7 pm and declared a quorum present.  Planning Board members present:  Chairman John Allen, Michael Rossney, Robert Jones, Peter Neill, alternates Peter Atherton and Barbara Grindle, secretary.  Also present: Selectman Nelson Grindal, Victor Smith, Bob and Barbara Comerford, CEO Duane Ford.


Chairman Allen resigned his position as chairman effective at the end of the meeting, Planning board member Richard Duffy’s resignation was effective immediately, and Secretary/2nd alternate Barbara Grindle’s resignation becomes effective as soon as the minutes of this meeting are written and posted to the planning board’s email.


The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.


NEW BUSINESS:  The Comerford’s were in to get information about the Strong Brewery’s parking lot and septic system.  They were told that much of the information that they wanted was not in the planning board’s prevue.  They should be asking those questions of the state departments giving the permits, including the malt liquor regulations.  The Strong’s have cancelled their entertainment until they have the parking lot built.  They were not at the meeting to present their site plan application.  The planning board moved and seconded and voted that there be no action taken until an application was received to be reviewed.


The Board accepted the resignations and elected Robert Jones as chairman.  The selectmen will make appointments to fill the vacancies.


CEO REPORT:  He will check with the selectmen if there is a problem with the parking lot and a driveway entrance to the Strong’s parking lot.  The road commissioner is helping them with the lot.  He will also follow up with the LPI about the septic system. There is nothing he can do about it; it comes under the plumbing inspector’s authority.


The Board and the selectman present gave chairman Allen thanks for a job well done.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.


Barbara Grindle, Secretary