Planning Board Minutes, May 9, 2017

Planning Board Minutes

9 May 2017

Members present: Robert Jones, David Carter, Dick Doane, Peter Neill, Mike Rossney, Peter Atherton and Patricia Egan

The chairman noted that we had a quorum and the minutes for April were approved.

Old business:

Some questions were raised and discussed about screening parking lots.

New business:

Duane said that Mrs. Strong had mentioned getting and entertainment license, which the members of the Board agreed was the responsibility of the Board of Selectmen. She also mentioned changing her deck into a storage shed for commercial use by storing kegs in it. Duane left an application with her for presentation to the Planning Board.

Peter Neill asked whether there wasn’t a letter from the Planning Board to the old Board of Selectmen concerning some unresolved issues with the Strong property. That question led to a discussion of the accidents near Rope Ferry Road where it meets Route 15 and whether anything needed to be done to improve the safety of the intersection. David Carter said that such accidents had nothing to do with Rope Ferry Road but were rather associated with cars coming down the hill to Gray’s Corner. Others agreed.

Duane Ford brought up the auction of a property across from the Eggemoggin Country Store where a tower, previously ordered to have been removed, remained. Duane made it clear that the town was actively keeping an eye on the proceedings with reference to that property and he outlined the options the town had regarding it.

He also mentioned the Sanborn pit which an owner said was only 2/3 compliant with the DEP. Some discussion of the pit followed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia C. Egan