Planning Board Minutes, 14 April, 2020

14 April 2020

Planning Board minutes

Called to order:  19:37

Members present:  (By teleconference due to COVID 19) Acting Chairman Michael Rossney, David Carter, Richard Doane, Peter Neill, Andy Bowes, Danny Weed

Others present:  CEO Duane Ford, Selectmen Liaison Robert Publicover, Justine Drake and Sean Theiss of CES, Inc., Matt Swansburg and David Albright of Boreggo Solar, Anne Berleant, Jennifer Osborn, Selectmen Ben Astbury and Michael Sheehan, Dawsen Astbury

Acting Chairman Rossney stated that there was a quorum

Motion made and seconded to accept March 2020 minutes as read.  Motion passed by roll call vote.

Old Business:

Boreggo Solar Application:

Peter Neill asked for timeline of project.  Matt Swansberg gave timeline as follows.  Application submitted to Public Utilities Commission this week.  Decision on application in August.  If awarded, project will move forward from this point, completion likely in 2021.  David Carter asked CEO Ford if the application was complete.  CEO Ford said that the application was complete.  A motion was made (Peter Neill) and seconded (Richard Doane) to approve the application for the Site Plan Review with recommendation to the select board to assure:  1)  that all federal and state permits are in place; 2)  that an annual property tax guarantee is negotiated and agreed; 3)  that the town is identified by the developer as an “additional named insured” for liability insurance protection; 4)  that either a bond or escrow set aside be established to cover project deconstruction; 5)  that a discounted energy purchase rate be available for Sedgwick tax payers; and 6)  that an additional contribution be pledged by the developer to cover all energy costs annually for the project term to underwrite electrical cost of street lights, Town House, Town Office, fire stations and school as an expression of its social commitment and community good will.  Motion passed by roll call vote.  CEO to write permit after approval from select board.


New Business:

7 Harding Lane pier permit:

Andy Bowes asked CEO Ford for comments.  CEO Ford stated that DEP had approved, contractor approved, all permits in place.  Dimensions as follows:  3’ x 40’ ramp, 12’ x 40’ seasonal float.  All questions were answered before the DEP approval.  Motion made, seconded to approve.  Passed.


CEO Report:

CEO Ford stated that the board had done a good job on Boreggo project.

Steve Blaisdell working on grant for erosion control at town dock.  Aware that he will need to come to board.

A lot of pending projects depending on impact of COVID 19.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn, motion passed.  Adjourned at 20:04.


Respectfully submitted,

David A. Carter