Bill of Sale Template (for public use)

Hello Everyone,

I have created a template of a Bill of Sale  for everyone to use or use as a reference when selling or purchasing and item. I hope that you use this to your advantage when completing private sales. When you sell an item to someone the original bill of sale gets sent to the state and you only get a photo copy for your records. I hope this way we can use a more formal format when selling items so that we have all the correct information needed and aren’t sending old receipts or the back of bills that have personal information on them as the original copy of the bill of sale to the state.

** When selling any type of watercraft that includes a trailer please include information for both the watercraft and the trailer. If you buy the two as a pair for one price that is fine but we still need to have the correct information for the bill of sale.

Just as a reference Sales Tax is 5.5.% on the price that you are purchasing your item for.

Ex: Purchase price $100.00 x 5.5% Sales Tax= $5.50 for sales that will be owed when registering a new item.

Below is the link to access the template, if you are having any problems opening this please let me know at or 207-359-2275 or 207-669-2424(c)

-Elizabeth Gray, Town of Sedgwick- Tax Collector

Bill of Sale Template 2016