What Do I Need To Register My Vehicle?

Here to Register a Vehicle?

Things you need:

  • VALID INSURANCE CARD- must list the vehicle you are registering (even if it’s on the same policy as your other vehicle must state it on the card) It is the law to have insurance. Fax: 207-359-2342
  • Old Yellow Registration (renewal)
  • New Vehicle Private sale– bill of sale*, current title of vehicle (1995 or newer) signed over on the back to the buyer, and signed by the seller * if the vehicle was sold to your seller and that person did not register it in their name (the back of the title will have their name filled out in the transfer section). 1. They must either complete an MVT-16 form transferring the ownership from them to you of which you may obtain from our office or a branch** or 2. Include a copy of the bill of sale between the current seller and the former owner they purchased it from. This form needs to be included with the title. You cannot just write your name above their name on the back of the title . You also may not put white out on the title for either.
    • * The bill of sale must have the VIN/Serial number, year, make and model, sellers name, address, phone number, purchasers address and phone number.
    • ** Before you purchase a vehicle double check with the seller about the title information, this information is important to know that way you can get the forms you need before purchasing the vehicle, especially if you are traveling a long distance to purchase the vehicle.
    • – If you intend  to drive the vehicle back, you need to get a transit plate from an office that carries plates. In order to get a transit plate you must have insurance coverage on the vehicle and show the proof of insurance at the time you get the transit plate.
    • – If you buy or sell a vehicle I highly recommend that you do NOT use or let someone else use the plates that are on the vehicle. This can cause multiple legal problems (such as  false motor vehicle theft claims, someone miss using a vehicle with plates registered to your name, or simply not returning plates back to you when they are suppose to).
  • New Vehicle Dealership– all of the papers from the dealership,
    • -Monroney (window) sticker
    • – Blue title application form,
    • – Yellow/pink form to show proof of sales tax *if purchased out of state you still have to pay the sales tax on the amount that you paid for the vehicle. State sales tax is 5.5%
  • Current Mileage (we do not keep this information from the prior year, the white copy gets sent to the state)
  • Cash or Check only. We do not accept cards.

Question 2 on the back of the registration form asks if you have to file and SR-22 (Y/N)

What is an SR-22? The SR-22 filing is a financial responsibility certification that you are covered by auto insurance. (This is different then just having an insurance policy)  **This is usually required if you have been involved in an accident and had no insurance or if you have been convicted of a serious violation (ex: OUI/DUI, failure to show insurance in the required time period after being pulled over, etc.). Maine’s BMV will only accept an SR-22 from a company that is licensed to sell insurance in Maine. Therefore, if your Maine license is suspended pending an SR-22 and you are attempting to obtain a license in another state, your company in that state must also be licensed to do business in Maine. The Bureau of Insurance is not able to assist you in obtaining out-of-state insurance to meet this requirement for your license. (Title 29 on Maine.gov)

What if you have to file an SR-22? If you are eligible to operate a vehicle, you must tell the motor vehicle agent that you have to file an SR-22 (that is Q2 on the back of the registration form) and you may only pay the excise tax to the Municipality. You then must finish your registration at a Branch (ex: Ellsworth, Bangor, Augusta). You will be required to have your insurance company fax over your policy information to the Financial Responsibility department at the Augusta Branch for the SR-22, this may take 24-48 hours for your insurance company to do the first time, if your policy changes you must have them resend a new copy of it. An SR-22 is required to be filed for 3 years. Once that time period is up, the state will send you a letter reinstating your eligibility to complete the full registration in your local municipality. You must show the motor vehicle agent that letter in order to complete your full registration in the office. You may have a copy of it faxed to our office if you cannot find it.

Excise tax goes to the town, agent fees go to the municipal agent/town depending on the town policy, plate fees go to the state.

Excise Tax:

MSRP Base Amount x mil rate= the amount of excise tax you will pay to the town.

Vehicle Year Mill Rate
2018 .024
2017 .024
2016 .0175
2015 .0135
2014 .01
2013 .0065
2012 or older .004

Look at your old registration, in the middle column  you will see listed: base price, mill rate, agent fee, and excise amount. Follow the chart to see which millrate you will pay if you want an idea of how much it will cost before you get here.

Transfer Plate Fee $8.00
Transit Plate $12.00 one way/ $25.00 roundtrip
Agent Fees ( Municipal Agent)
* Municipal agent is allowed to charge $1.00 extra for each out of town registration completed.
-$4.00 new agent fee
-$3.00 renewal fee
– $7.00 transfer agent fee
-$1.00 transit agent fee
-Manual request in office or mail takes up to 30 days after it has been sent out.
– Online duplicate request takes up to 2 weeks.
$33.00 regular cost/ $43.00 rush (only through a branch or privately mailed)
$46.00 (Duplicate title rush online request on SOS website- accepts debit/credit card)
Sales tax 5.5 % x purchase amount ( $500.00 x 5.5%=$27.50)
Duplicate Registration $2.00
Duplicate stickers Single sticker $0.25 per sticker, double stickers $0.50 per set (month/year)
Lost/ Damage/ Stolen plate replacement $5.00 per plate plus the cost of validation stickers

Here is the link to the application that can be filled out and  printed off: http://www.maine.gov/sos/bmv/forms/MVT-8%20Duplicate%20Title%20Application%201-2013%20Front%20&%20Back.pdf

Here is the link to the application that can be submitted directly online, you will need your license number and mileage. This is a much quicker way to request the title. http://www.maine.gov/online/bmv/mvtr/ 

Plate Fees:

Plate Prices:
Vanity Plate
– if you would like a vanity plate you can pay your excise tax to the town and then go to a branch to request the vanity if it is available.
– if you decide after you have registered your car that you would like a vanity, you can go to the branch or request  your plate online. You will need your old registration.
$25.00 *extra, plus the amount of which plate you have. (Ex: vanity on standard plate will cost $50.00 each year to register)
Chickadee Plate $35.00 Standard plate
Agricultural Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
Animal Welfare Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
Black Bear (UMO) Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
Breast Cancer Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
Conservation (Loon) Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
Lobster Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
Sportsman (Moose/Salmon) Specialty Plate $20.00 *extra plus standard plate price, no change in new or renewal price $55.00)
Support Our Troops Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
U.M. System ( University System) Specialty Plate $20.00 new/ $15.00 renewal *extra, plus the standard plate cost (ex: new plate $55.00/ renewal $50.00)
Antique $30.00 1993 and older, must complete antique affidavit and have a daily primary vehicle.
Trailers (reg. to haul 2000 lbs. or less) $10.50-1 year/ $21.00- 2 years *expires whichever month you originally register it in, unless it’s been expired over a year from expiration date.
Trailers (reg. to haul over 2000 lbs.) $20.00-1 year/ $40.00- 2 years *Will have a February to February expiration

* If you have a Vanity on one of the specialty plates, you will pay the Vanity fee of $25.00, the specialty plate fee of $20.00/$15.00 and the $35.00 standard plate fee.

**this will shorten the amount of time you will have to spend in the office if you come fully prepared and it is greatly appreciated**