Selectmen’s Minutes, Public Hearing, July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016

Opened the meeting and established a quorum at 6:07 p.m .  Members present: Davis, Pert, Astbury, CEO Ford, Clerk Reilly, Tax Collector Gray, Nelson Grindal, Robert Jones, Steve Tobey, Victor Smith, Anne Berleant from The Weekly Packet.

Read and approved the minutes of the last meeting:  Moved, seconded to accept as written, voted 2-0 to accept.  (Davis absent, abstained.)

Reviewed and assigned treasurer’s warrant:  Approved and signed warrant (Davis, Pert, Astbury).

Salt Pond Access – email from Mary Offutt, met with Paul Carter, Mr. Cullen from DEP.  No significant issues were noted.  Will be presenting a plan as soon as it is complete.

Public hearing at 7 p.m. for Strong Brewing Co. entertainment permit.

Bid documents for dock are ready, bidding process can begin.  Selectmen to discuss, decide on responsibilities.  Motioned, moved, seconded to address bid documents on 7/28/2016 as soon as selectmen have reviewed documents.  CEO Ford has been in communication with Engineer Andrew McCullough.  Getting word out to potential contractors.  CEO, Harbormaster are up to speed on plans.  Also looking at options for erosion control issue at town landing.  Davis mentioned effort to pursue land acquisition where town dock sits.  Motioned, moved, seconded to allow Davis to make contact with attorney Patterson regarding town’s legal position and research of the current position. Voted 3-0 to accept.  Davis will contact town attorney this week.

SBTLC (Sedgwick Brooksville Town Landing Committee) meeting went well.  Will be adding mulch to the sides of the walking path, two new picnic tables are in place and looking forward to improvements.

Assessing:  Addressing liened properties and acceptance of payments toward unpaid taxes.  Selectmen maintain the lien process and protect the town as well as the residents involved.

Caterpillar Hill Initiative (CHI) – tax exemption application was denied due to proof of action toward their mission.  Davis to notify CHI of the denial and how to address for reconsideration.  Astbury noted property taxes are in arrears and board should reconcile that matter during the process.  Mortgage holder may also be involved in the process.

Signed a quit claim for a taxpayer.

Nelson Grindal will gather up paperwork and bring in to selectmen to carry on with negotiations.

CEO REPORT:  Been fielding questions, addressing minor permitting issues.  Will be re-inspecting a project on the Salt Pond.  Received call about “Egg Roll Wagon” at Strong Brewing, investigated, found no violation.

Motioned, moved seconded to adjourn regular selectmen’s meeting, voted 3-0 to adjourn at 6:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ben Astbury, 3rd Selectman


July 21, 2016

Start of Hearing:  7 p.m.

Number of attendees:  15

ISSUES:           Richard Kane – read a letter (attached-from Jim Carey who is out of town (see letter).  Richard read his own letter, which recommended not to grant a permit (see letter).  Melody Lewis-Kane spoke to safety issues, concerns regarding ordinance adherence.  John Steed spoke on the fact there was no substantial evidence of an issue and that this is an “eyesore to the residents and they therefore do not like it.”  Burton Pearl stated he had an accident during one of their events in 2015.  Mia Strong denied an accident.  Steed wanted it pointed out that no proof was provided by Pearl.  Victor Smith expressed that it is not Strong Brewing Co’s responsibility to enforce laws, addressed uncounted violations that add to problems in the intersection.  Davis addressed the actions the board has taken.  Grindal made a comment regarding sight distances.  State vs. town roads were discussed.  CEO Ford expressed a potential solution by keeping everything on one side of the road.  Pert suggested a covenant to permit to keep everything but parking on brewery side of the roadway.

Motion, moved seconded to close the hearing at 7:35 p.m.

Re-convened selectmen’s meeting at 7:36 p.m.

Motion, moved, seconded to grant Strong Brewing permit with a covenant of nothing but parking in the provided parking lot.  All other business would be conducted on the north side.  Motion to amend original motion to include wording:  All parking on south side in parking lot and all business conducted on north side at the main business.  Seconded motion.  Voted 3-0 to grant permit.

Motioned, moved and seconded to adjourn, voted 3-0 to adjourn at 7:50 p.m.

Ben Astbury, 3rd Selectman