Selectmen’s Meetings, Tues., May 22, 2007

Town of Sedgwick Maine

Selectmen’s Meeting

May 22, 2007, Tuesday  3:30PM



Selectmen present: Nelson Grindal, Bill Jagger and Tom O’Connor.

Other participants: Selectmen’s assistant Barbara Grindle, School superintendent Bob Webster and Caterpillar hill initiative Represeintive Kelly Mitchell.

Approved the minutes of the May 17, 2007 selectmen’s meeting.

Mr. Webster presented selectmen with two warrant articles which will be included in at special town meeting. The articles are to correct the dollar amounts presented at the regular town meeting in March 2007.

Ms. Mitchell provided a draft copy of a news release outlining the goals and objectives of the initiative, which is to raise enough money to purchase the Condon Trust property on Caterpillar Hill. Ms. Mitchell requested input from the selectmen.

Selectmen postponed the scheduled June 14, 2007 special town meeting. The meeting will be rescheduled.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30PM.



Respectfully submitted,



Tom O'Connor Third Selectman