Selectmen’s Meeting (Draft Minutes) September 17, 2020

September 17, 2020

Opened the meeting and declared a quorum present. Selectmen present: Ben Astbury, Bob Publicover (by phone Michael Sheahan). Also present: CEO Duane Ford, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Chadd Blanchard, (by phone Jerry Wetterskog).

Read and made one change in the minutes of the last meeting. Moved, seconded and roll call voted 3-0 to approve the minutes with the change.

Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $81,907.12; education $79,807.65, clearing $2,226.31, fees $163, fire protection $147.19, town office $45, administration $12.47.

CEO REPORT: Reviewing email correspondence with tax collector; the prospective buyer for Mariner’s Pub may change her thinking from seafood processing to a food truck in the parking lot for a time, sent her the original paperwork for the Pub; Bill’s Storage hopes to expand; checking septic plans and building notifications; wants to check language on the shoreland zoning ordinance,; concerns about land disturbance on Carter Point property, town is monitoring it for erosion control.

DISCUSSION ITEMS: 1) Working session – snow contract – After some discussion, new snow contractor Chadd Blanchard chose to work within the ‘hybrid’-style contract, which consists of 2 phases. In phase 1 Blanchard will be responsible for snow removal for 5 winter seasons beginning October 1, 2020, ending April 30, 2026 for the bid price of $198,000 per season. If 115 inches of snow, measured by the National Weather Service in Caribou, accumulates within any winter season, Phase 2 of the contract would be activated. In Phase 2 Blanchard would work by the hour at the following rates: $80/hr. for single and tandem axle plow trucks, $75/hr. for front end loaders; $65/hr. for the grader and $45/hr. for one ton and pickup trucks. Drivers are included in the per hour price. Blanchard and the selectmen agreed that phase 2 activation would be unusual, but it would be fair to both parties in case of a severe winter.
2) Any Unresolved Business: School Board meeting attended by Sheahan – working smoothly so far. Some students being home schooled, and a few choosing remote learning.
Publicover reported on the grant for GWI and broadband; there has been no contact. He will check with CCI.
The SBBTRC met and discussed MRC and Fiberight. There may possibly be a buyer/operator for the Fiberight plant. Discussions to continue with Blue Hill/Surry as well.
The PUC didn’t consider enough competition for their funding, so Borrego Solar may be looking into other methods of funding the solar farm.

ACTION ITEMS: Signed the snow contract with Chadd E. Blanchard.
Public hearing next week September 24 at 7 p.m. to approve the General Assistant appendices for 2020-2021. and inform the public regarding the Snow’s Cove culvert replacement. See the website for directions to join the teleconference.
October 15, 2020 special town meeting at 7 p.m. at the Ridge Road Fire Station.

ADJOURN: There being no further business, moved, seconded and roll call voted 3-0 to adjourn the meeting at 7:19 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Grindle, Assistant