Selectmen’s Meeting, December 28, 2017

December 28, 2017

Opened the meeting and declared a quorum present. Selectmen present: Ben Astbury, Colby Pert. Also present: Hans Carleton, CEO Duane Ford, Assistant Barbara Grindle.

There being no errors or omissions in the records of the last meeting, moved, seconded and voted 2-0 to dispense with reading the minutes of the last meeting and accept them as written.

Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $95,457.60; school expenses $82,613.48, administration $9,674.89 ($1,757.20 workman’s comp. and $6162.50 for risk pool insurance), road salt $1559.23, general assistance $600.

NEW BUSINESS: The Sedgwick fire station is having some problems with in-floor heat in the meeting room, chief authorized to get a price for repairs. Also authorized to see No Frills about the possibility of bundling propane and fuel for the department.
John Higgins suggested the wording of two articles for the town warrant for alewife program. Selectmen will invite John to a meeting to discuss the program.

OLD BUSINESS: Carleson reported on the BHHT grant acquisition. The committee was very impressed, not only with the view of the property, but also the access to Walker Pond. This leaves BHHT only about $7,000 to raise for the purchase of the Caterpillar Hill property.
Tax Collector has caught up on the taxes.
School will present final draft of their budget next week (January 4). Hope to be able to finalize the budget process with the budget committee the week after that(January 11).

ASSISTANT’S STUFF: MMA is offering classes in moderating a town meeting and in budgeting for the town. The classes are in Lewiston in February. Assistant will check to see if there are any being offered closer.

CEO REPORT: Harbormaster has taken the big float up. Noticing a lot of commercial activity this year. Everything quiet over the holidays.

ADJOURN: There being no further business, moved, seconded and voted 2-0 to adjourn the meeting at 6:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Grindle, Assistant