Selectmen Minutes, July 16, 2020


July 16, 2020

Opened the meeting and declared a quorum present. Selectmen present: Ben Astbury (Office), Michael Sheahan, Bob Publicover (via conference call). Also present: Duane Ford (Office), Clerk/Treasurer Cindy Reilly (Office), Tax Collector Elizabeth Gray (Office), Jerry Wetterskog (via conference call).

Moved, seconded and voted 3-0 (by roll call) to approve the minutes of the July 9 meeting as written.

Reviewed and signed Treasurers warrant for $24,322.02, part of which $2484.75 was for M/V Clearing, $1100 USPS, $10,544 for Roads.

CEO REPORT: CEO Ford met with Hayden Torrey on 7-10-20 for a site visit and to discuss pending renewal. Torrey reminded to install a full view blocking fence by 11-30-20 to be in compliance with state law. If fence is not in place by 11-30, the town will rescind approval. Selectmen prepared a written Exhibit stating such, which will be sent to Bureau of Motor Vehicles for their records.


1. Post Primary Election discussion- Selectmen discussed the primary election held July 14. Sheahan stated he had heard concern that there was inconsistent mask wearing and social distancing during the election. Selectmen discussed the upcoming general election and noted that a larger indoor venue may be necessary due to weather concerns and to provide for social distancing.

2. Borrego Solar- Did not attend tonight’s meeting. Sheahan sent email and received a response stating they would be present at the July 23 meeting.

3. Trio Package update- Selectmen received email response from the DMV stating where tax collector Gray was already trained by the Town of Penobscot that the primary training was not necessary ($2550). Noted this was a good savings for the town. Clerk (deputy tax collector), will receive a 4 hour block of training for compliance..

REMINDERS: Next SBBTSC meeting July 30th at 4:30 in Brooklin.


1.      TNT Auto Salvage renewal- Conditionally signed renewal (See Details in CEO Report section above).

ASSISTANTS REPORT: No report- Selectmen’s Assistant on vacation until 7-20-20.


ADJOURNMENT: Motion Made and seconded to adjourn. Voted 3-0 (by roll call) to adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted By: Ben Astbury, Chairman