Sedgwick Cemeteries

Sedgwick, Maine’s Cemeteries, Burying Grounds and Family Plots: 1789-2019

Compiled by Barbara M. Grindle.
Published July 14, 2019.

Barbara Grindle has updated her 1999 work, Sedgwick Maine’s Resting Places, which lists the names of those interred in each of Sedgwick’s known cemeteries/burying grounds.

This catalog of Sedgwick Resting Places has been compiled from records of local cemetery associations, the Sedgwick-Brooklin Historical Association (SBHS) and from my own stone-to-stone observations. Still, the names of people who had no gravestone or monument may have been lost because most written documentation has not been passed down to the present guardians of these resting places. There may be other burial sites still to be discovered.

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