Sedgwick-Brooksville Town Landing Committee minutes, May 14, 2020

Sedgwick-Brooksville Town Landing Committee minutes for May 14, 2020

Meeting opened at 5:40pm. Adjourned at 6:00pm. Members present: Michael Sheahan, Ben Astbury, Robert Publicover, John Gray, Hal Snow, John Kimball

Actions Taken:

Motion to accept minutes of the March 13th meeting as written. All in favor.

Discussion: The issue related to a dog owned by a boat inspector causing minor damage to a visitor’s car has been addressed at a cost of $150.

Beaver dam dismantling is still an issue, and one beaver has been relocated. Ben will call the area game warden about dam removal possibilities.

John talked to Billy about getting in the fishing related docks but will hold off on the swim floats.

The courtesy boat inspectors will attend the courtesy boat inspector summit via zoom.


Ben will meet with Jeff Hamilton as soon as possible about roadside trimming.

Swimming presents an issue with maintaining proper social distancing. The swim floats should be kept out of the water. Sheahan will inquire about guidance from the state about how to safely operate the facility at Walker Pond.

Received $1500 grant for boat inspection.

Still trying to get information pertaining to regulating water level and hoping to get MCHT to provide it.

June 11 is next meeting.