Sedgwick-Brooksville Town Landing Committee minutes, July 2020

Sedgwick-Brooksville Town Landing Committee minutes for July 9, 2020

Meeting opened at 5:30pm. Adjourned at 6:04pm. Members present: Michael Sheahan, Ben Astbury, Robert Publicover, John Gray, Hal Snow, John Kimball

Others present: Kathy Flood (Friends of Walker Pond)

Actions Taken:

Motion to accept minutes of the June 11 meeting as amended. All in favor.


John Kimball: Gangway has been installed on the float but placement doesn’t allow for congregation on the float. Ladder has been installed. Swim floats haven’t moved but they haven’t posed a problem. A swim line has also been installed. One of the picnic tables has been moved back into position.   There’s sanitizer to clean the bathroom and hand sanitizer inside. Only problem has been a family party at the boat launch; the boat inspector moved inspection up the hill and away from the crowd. Hopefully, that kind of incident will not happen again. Is the sheriff likely to respond to a call about this? Other people did turn around when they saw the crowd. We should have a response when something like this does occur so it doesn’t spoil it for others.

Ben: It’s up to the state to enforce face coverings. And the sheriff’s department is taxed dealing with a covid-19 requirements and may not respond in a timely manner. They might be able to handle it, but the reality of the situation may dictate whether or not they show up in time.

John Kimball: It’s been better than I anticipated, so I’m not discouraged yet. A number of families are using the facility and enjoying it and the feedback has been positive.

Hal Snow: If problems like that become more frequent, we’ll have to consider shutting the facility down.

Ben: Jeff Hamilton isn’t available for tree trimming and brush work. Will try Jeffery Bunt, who’s done work on the road in the past. Also will call Paul Carter about fixing Cooper Farm Rd to see if he’s able to do the work.