Sedgwick-Brooksville Town Landing Committee minutes, August 2020

Sedgwick-Brooksville Town Landing Committee

Minutes for August 13, 2020


Meeting opened at 5:30pm. Adjourned at 5:55pm. Members present: Michael Sheahan, Ben Astbury, Robert Publicover, John Gray, John Kimball, Hal Snow, Richard Bakeman

Others present: Kathy Flood (Friends of Walker Pond)


Actions taken:

Motion to accept minutes of the July 9 meeting as amended. All in favor.



Toilet facility issue:

John Kimball: Bobby Gray says people are putting things in the toilet that can’t be pumped out. Cans and bottles, diapers, a swimming noodle. We need to put up a sign detailing the use of the privy.


Ben: Can we investigate what it’s going to take to clean it out.


John Kimball: Will look into it. We have the capacity for the rest of the summer.


Beaver update:

John Kimball: No current beaver activity, but the structures are still there.


Ben: Should we check with DEP or the warden’s service to see what we can do? Ben will try again to contact Jeffery Bunt about brush work and dismantling the dam. Ben will contact DEP and/or warden.


Brush trimming:

See above.


Snow removal:

Plowing the access is included in Sedgwick’s contract currently out to bid.


Cooper Farm Rd:

Ben has discussed issues with Paul, but work has not been done.


John Kimball: New driver for Wardwell was at the pond at a time not advantageous.

Ben: If it happens again, Ben will talk to Horace.

John Kimball: Can we have a copy of the agreement at the inspector shed? It would be helpful for them to know what the conditions of the permit are.


John Kimball: The water level is very low. We need to get a handle on regulating water level before we are responsible for maintaining the dam.