Lost The Title To Your Vehicle? Request A New One Online

Have you lost, ruined or had your title stolen to your vehicle? You can go to the link below to request a duplicate title online. It costs around $46.00 to have the title rushed to you. ($33.00 for the title, $10.00 rush fee, and then there is a processing fee through the state to order online with your debit or credit card.) If you request your title online instead of waiting 30 days or more for your title, it may take less then 10-15 business days to arrive to you. If your vehicle is 1995 or newer it is state law to have a title for the vehicle. If you plan on selling your vehicle you must transfer the ownership from yourself to the buyer on the back of the form along with the detailed bill of sale. In order for the buyer to register the vehicle at their municipality they have to have the title in their possession.