All towns in Maine have a General Assistance program to aid residents in need and are without alternative resources.  Assistance is provided for basic necessities, such as rent, utilities, heating fuel, medication, and food.  While this program is administered locally, the Town is required to follow the guidelines provided by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, which are captured in the Town of Sedgwick’s General Assistance Ordinance.

General Assistance Notice

General Assistance Application

The following is needed for EVERY application to be processed.

  • Completed and signed application
  • Social Security #’s for all people in the household
  • Proof of income(paystubs)/no income
  • Documentation to show imminent need (electricity disconnection notice, eviction notice etc.)

General assistance provides assistance with paying bills, for medication and help with food. Repeat applicants must provide receipts for all money spent with in a 30-day period from the last approved application. The town does not provide assistance for gas, car payments/insurance and things of that nature.

If your application is denied due income ineligibility, GA can still be awarded on an emergent basis at the discretion of the GA administrator.

Please see the GA administrator for more information, or if you feel like you or your family is in need.