Covid- 19 Vehicle Registrations

COVID -19 Motor Vehicle and Inland Fisheries Registrations:
Contact tax collector Elizabeth Gray during regular office hours: Tues., 9-3, Wed., 9-5; Thurs., 12-6.

Call ahead: 359-2275; Fax: 359-2342; Email:; Text the tax collector 207-669-2424; or mail, PO Box 40, Sedgwick ME 04676. Transaction will be completed by mail or for pick up.***


Email, fax, mail, or text: copy of the registration, copy of valid insurance for the vehicle, and mileage. Include contact info so we can let you know how much your registration will cost.

DEALER SALE: Email, fax or text a copy of the blue Maine title application (if bought out of state, provide proof of purchase with previous title), if there is a lien on vehicle, lien-holder info must be provided, proof of sales tax paid form, mileage, color of vehicle, your date of birth, mailing and physical address (if different from mailing). Let us know what type of plates you would like. Tax collector will get everything together, highlight what needs to be signed, and contact you about coming to office. After you sign papers that go to state, return them through mail slot in office door. Tax collector will issue registration and plates through slot.

Email, fax or text a copy of the front and back of the title (1995 or newer requires a title signed from the vehicle owner to you on the back), a copy of bill of sale, mileage, color of vehicle, your date of birth, mailing and physical address, if different from mailing. Let us know what plates you would like. Tax collector will complete title application in your name and the used tax form highlighted for you to sign. Please bring original title and bill of sale documents with you. These need to go with the title application. After signing paper work that goes to the state, return it through mail slot in office door. Tax collector will issue your registration.

***If you have to file an SR22 certificate, you must pay excise tax to town and then finish the rest of the registration once the BMV branches re-open.***


Same steps as above. For boats, indicate if boat will be used just in salt water, just fresh, or both salt and fresh water. Boats expire December 31st each year. ATVs expire June 30th each year. If you renew your ATV now it will expire 6/30/2020, then will need to be renewed in June for a 2021 expiration. New stickers will be available for sale as of May 1st, 2020 for the 2021 expiration.

Our office accepts only cash or checks. Please do not come into the office with your registration without following the steps above. We need to limit the amount of contact and handling that is done for the transaction. This process has been working great.

If you are not able to send new registrations electronically, you may mail your documents to the town office with your contact information. Or per guidelines issued by Governor Mills, all expired renewal or temporary registrations that occur during Covid 19 restrictions are extended and excused until 30 days after the end of the state timeline. For private sales, you may request a copy of the state-issued excused letter.