Motor Vehicle Email Reminder

Often times do you find yourself forgetting when your motor vehicle registration expires? Below is a link through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles where you can enter your email address and plate information. The state will send you an email a month in advance, reminding you that you have a motor vehicle registration to renew. As a trial to see if it works I have submitted my own vehicle registration in to the BMV email reminder and it has worked both times.  This link is directly from the main office of Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Augusta.»

*Also as a reminder:

-When it does come time to renew your registration it is REQUIRED to bring in proof of your current VALID vehicle insurance. If you have an electronic copy, the town does now have WI-Fi that you can connect to. If need be, you may have it faxed over to our office at 207-359-2342. Please note if you do have it faxed over it increases the amount of paper that we use, so please come prepared.

-Please bring the old yellow registration from the expiring year, we use that to determine the excise tax amount.  It makes the registration process much quicker and your wait time shorter. .  You should have that in your vehicle already, if you get pulled over you will most likely get a ticket.(If you have lost your registration we can issue you a duplicate one for the state fee of $2.00). With the new motor vehicle forms that we have now,  we do not file the pink carbon copy the same way as we used too.

-Please bring your current mileage, that is required to put on the back of the copies that we send to the state.

-Elizabeth Gray-Tax Collector

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email: 207-359-2275 or