Marine Resources Committee – July 1, 2021

MINUTES OF THE MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE: SEDGWICK, MAINE  July 1, 2021 Members present: Chairman Desmond Ashman, Brian Tripp, and Eric Sass; also in attendance selectman Bob Publicover. Meeting was held at the town dock at 5 p.m. Eric Sass pointed out that there were 11 boats tied to finger floats with no permit stickers, and […]

Marine Resources Committee – January 9, 2018

MINUTES OF THE MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE JANUARY 9, 2018 Members Present; Dennis DeSilvey, Bill Sweetland, Eric Sass Selectman, Colby Pert Deputy Harbor Master Dwayne Ford The Meeting was called to order at 1700 Discussion first focused on the construction of a new end float for the dock. The main float will be funded with available […]

Marine Resources Committee – August 2017

MINUTES MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE. SEDGWICK, MAINE AUGUST 3, 2017 Members present: Dennis DeSilvey, Eric Sass, Steve Blaisdel, Colby Pert, Selectman Absent: Pete Douvarjo, Bill Sweetland, Brian Tripp The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved The new dinghy fees were approved with the change that the dinghy fee for Brooklin residents will be […]

Marine Resources Committee – June 1, 2017

SEDGWICK MAINE MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE. June 1, 2017 Members present: Dennis DeSilvey, Bill Sweetland,. Eric Sass, Steve Blaisdell, Pete Douvarjo Absent: Brian Tripp Duane Ford, Deputy Harbormaster, Colby Pert representing the Selectmen. Minutes of the May meeting were reviewed and approved with the addition that the new mooring and dinghy fees were discussed at the […]

Marine Resources Committee – July 2017

MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE, SEDGWICK, MAINE JULY 6, 2017 MEMBERS PRESENT: Dennis DeSilvey, Steve Blaisdel, Bill Sweetland Absent: Eric Sass, Pete Douvarjo, Brian Tripp Dwayne Ford and Colby Pert also present The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted. Steve Blaisdel discussed the bank stabilization project. The current plan is for large stone to […]

Marine Resources Committee – May 4, 2017

MINUTES: MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE: Sedgwick, Maine May 4 2017 Members Present: Dennis DeSilvey, Bill Sweetland, Pete Douvarjo, Eric Sass Dwayne Ford, Deputy Harbormaster, Colby Pert, Selectman, Mike Sheehan, Selectman, Ben Astbury, Selectman DeSilvey explained that the minutes of this and the two previous meetings will be sent out before the next meeting for review. Brief […]

Marine Resources Committee – March 2017

MINUTES OF THE MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE, SEDGWICK, MAINE MARCH 2, 2017 MEMBERS PRESENT: Bill Sweetland, Pete Douvarjo Brian Tripp, Dwayne Ford The dock has been completed and erosion matting has been placed on the bank temporarily until proper measures can be taken. There are a few items regarding the completion of the dock that remain […]

Marine Resources Committee – September 8, 2016

MARINE RESOURCES COMMITTEE, SEDGWICK, MAINE SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 Members present: Dennis Desilvey, Bill Sweetland, Pete Douvarjo, Brian Tripp, John Higgins Deputy Harbor master; Duane Ford Selectmen: Colby Pert, Ben Asbury The meeting was called to order at 1700 hours. Minutes of the previous meeting were not available and will be reviewed at the next meeting […]