Thank you!!!!

To Ben and Bob—for the heat, flag up and flag down, running errands, general maintenance, chipping in, and all the moral support;
To Rhoda, Rachel, Gail, Sarah, Charity, Marti, Leah, and Deanne—for the donuts, and coffee, and Munchkins, and that yummy bread, and for keeping everything happy and smoooooooth and running exactly right—–and for continuing the Sedgwick tradition of having the best ballot clerks and warden in the state;
To Anne (Leaf and Anna)—for the soap, and to Amy, who always comes through with candy, and to Wanda who made sure the windowsill, and everything else, was clean;
To Michael and Michelle—for the coffee treat, and getting the screen doors off;
and to Karen, the tow trucks, the SVFD, and the Sheriff’s Dept—for taking charge, cleaning up, and providing a distraction.