April 1st Deadline

If you haven’t submitted your homestead or veteran’s exemptions, farmland application, tree growth, or building notifications of changes to your property, please do so before April 1st.

Anything not submitted by April 1st will not be reflected on your new property tax bill. So if you have removed a building or want to apply for an exemption, please complete the appropriate form.

Most of the applications can be found in the documents section of this website, or you may come in and pick up a hard copy, or, simply find the form at http://www.maine.gov/revenue/forms/property/appsformspubs.htm, and print it out.

You may drop them off or send them by mail, attn: tax collector, and they will be put in the assessors’ box for further action. The town mailing address is P.O. Box 40, Sedgwick ME 04676.

April 1 is “Doomsday”, and the selectmen will be in the office. Building notifications and exemption forms can be filled out at that time as well.